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SATAN never takes a holiday, and that is the very reason and purpose for this website, to expose Satan’s plan to destroy the very fabric and foundation of Christian doctrine. Satan, never eases up and never takes a break from his goal to erode the truth of God’s word in the bible. For years I have tried to share my thoughts, beliefs, and interpretations of the bible. Because of my Christian beliefs I have endured attaches and criticism due to the fact that my conclusions differ from mainstream Christian interpretations. All my life as a Christian I have been told certain things about the bible that quite frankly did not add up, and in my opinion is contrary to what the scriptures actually say. I have studied for many years as to just what Christians of old were taught to believe and what today’s Christian’s are being taught to believe.

The differences in the old and new interpretations of the scriptures are dramatic and, in my opinion, dangerous. Today’s Christians say that the old way of interpreting God’s word was flawed due to a lack of understanding, education and or racism.

I, of course, disagree, in fact I have come to believe that this major and dangerous change is in fact intentional and designed to destroy the very fabric and foundation of Christian doctrine. I myself can clearly see Satan’s fingerprints all over this deception.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear about myself, I am no saint. I am a sinner no better or worse than anyone else, and I do not have any secret agenda behind how I interpret the scriptures. When I study the bible, I use three basic books. The bible, King James version, 1977 edition. The Webster’s II New Riverside University dictionary, 1984 edition and the New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the bible, 1990 edition. You must understand that most bible scholars agree that there were mistakes made in the translation of the King James version so if I read something that seems to contradict itself, I use the Strong’s Concordance to go back to the original language in order to find its true meaning so I can clear up any misunderstanding or contradiction.

Let me give you an example: In Luke Chapter 14 verse 26 it states “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sister, yea, and his own life also he cannot be my disciple.” WOW, it sounds like Christ is telling us that we must hate everyone including ourselves in order to follow him. I do not believe that, and neither should you, so as I stated earlier if something does not fit right, I look into the Strong’s Concordance to take the English word HATE back to its original language to find out its true meaning. When I did, I found that the original Greek word has different meanings, hate, detest and to loveless. So, using my God given common sense it is clear to me that the translation should have read loveless and not hate. Meaning we are to love Christ more than all those mentioned in verse 26, Christ comes first.

There is in fact a way to get to the truth and that’s why we have been instructed by our Heavenly Father to not only read the bible but to study it.

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