What's In A Name?

What is in a name, fact is, quite a lot. The name “God” which most Christians use is not a name at all, but a description or title of a deity, one who is perfect, omnipotent and the creator and ruler of all that exist. Of course, when we Christians use the word God in our prayers, we are in fact praying to our heavenly Father. But the fact is our heavenly Father's true name is “YAHWEH”. In the Webster’s dictionary the name “YAHWEH” is described as a name for God considered by biblical scholars to be a correct rendering of the pronunciation from the tetragrammaton. Now the word tetragrammaton is the four Hebrew letters transliterated as “YHWH” for “YAHWEH”, and used as a biblical proper name for God. Why Christian denominations do not teach their followers God's true name is a mystery to me. I am not saying that when you or I use the word God in our prayers, our prayers are not heard, I am just telling you what our heavenly Father's true name is. The truth is, I would say that every Christian at some time has used God's true name without even realizing it. I am talking about the word “HALLELUJAH”. The Hebrew spelling of the word is “HALLELUYAH” with a “Y” not a “J” for one simple reason, there is no “J” in the Hebrew language. That means when you say “HALLELUYAH” you are actually saying “Parise-YAH”, “YAH” being an abbreviation for God’s Hebrew name “YAHWEH”. Most Christians simply understand it to mean, “Praise God”. As for the name “Jehovah”, which most Christians find in their bible, it did not exist as a Hebrew word, and is a 16th century hybrid alteration of the Hebrew name “YAHWEH”. The name “Jesus”, which all Christians have come to know and love, is an English representation of the name for Christ our Redeemer, the Son of “YAHWEH”. As for the true Hebrew name for Christ our Saviour, it can be found in the Webster’s dictionary under the English name Jesus and is translated into Hebrew as “YESHUA”, sometimes spelled “YASHUA”, and is the correct rendering of the name for the Son of “YAHWEH”. Once again, I just want to say, I am not saying that when you or I invoke the name of Jesus in our prayers to our heavenly Father, our prayers are not received. I am just telling you that in the original language in the bible the name for our God and Saviour is “YAHWEH”, “YESHUA”, Father and Son.

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